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Since 2014, Stringr has been serving the most demanding of all customers – the newsroom - enabling them to source new, original video content in a flash. Stringr's award-winning video platform is supported by the world’s largest network of videographers which can be mobilized in a moment to gather original video almost anywhere and in real-time.

Stringr was born in the broadcast world, where speed, accuracy, and reliability are paramount. And now, with Iconiq, Stringr offers this award-winning custom media sourcing and content development platform to marketers, brands, and other creatives with Iconiq. Iconiq is the most innovative and comprehensive solution for video content management and creation because it solves the most challenging aspect - the acquisition of original video content.

Iconiq is currently in closed beta, launching commercially in 2022.


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Founded in 2014, Stringr is the first and only company to combine original footage sourcing with video editing and management tools in one cloud-based solution - streamlining remote video news production for the digital age. Stringr is supported by it's proprietary network of 120,000+ videographers who are stationed in all 50 states, all US DMAs, and top international locations.

Stringr’s award-winning  platform continues to change the way video content is sourced, created, and managed across multiple industries. For more information visit 

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Iconiq leverages Stringr’s platform and videographer network to offer companies and creatives the same speed, efficiency, and collaborative capabilities that the world’s most critical media companies depend upon.

In a single platform, users can source custom video from anywhere, get original influencer and customer content in real-time, and then have all of it instantly available to collaborate, edit, and share to any destination. Iconiq also enables customers to organize and repurpose years of proprietary video content in minutes – dramatically streamlining the video production workflow.

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